“Fun, and easy to use.  A playful way to address emotional concerns and bring focus to areas that need attention."



Medical Professional

“My students enjoy learning the meridian lines from these cards.  They help bring a spiritual connection to practitioner and client enabling work to be more specific.”




The Five Elements are symbolic representations of movements, phenomena or objects and describe everything in terms of the cycle between Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Each of these elements has correspondences to seasons, sounds, emotions, body tissue, organs and so on.

Sacred Geometry


28 March 2016

Laguna Beach Magazine

"Active Balance with Shiatsu"

Healing Art Cards

9 February 2009

LA Times

"Legitimte Massage Therapists Get a Boost"

  • Metal - Autumn - Grief
  • Water - Winter - Fear
  • Wood - Spring - Anger
  • Fire - Summer - Joy
  • Earth - Late Summer - Anxiety


Designed to incorporate Sacred Geometric Art with 5-Element Theory of Shiatsu, the Artful Touch Healing Deck of Cards provides insight to meridian deficiency or abundance and assists the practitioner and client to create balance and energy. 

Universal patterns design everything in our reality; sacred geometry may be considered the worldview of pattern recognition—structures involving space, time and form.   By studying the nature of these patterns, forms and relationships and their connections, insight to healing may be gained.

Artful Touch Design

                          Natural sacred geometry & 5-ELEMENT healing

Elemental Theory